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Abortion is one of the most sensitive topics and is debated by millions of people in the United Kingdom. The political divide on this issue has never been wider, nor farther away from a conclusion or agreement. Pro-choice activists are mainly made up of left wing labour or democrats and followers of pink-pussy-hat-wearing third wave feminists. University and college students and many people in general believe that an abortion procedure is genuinely a woman’s right.

Pro-life activists on the other hand, are mostly right wing conservatives or republicans and mainly followers of religious groups, most noticeably Jews and Christians who support traditional values such as marriage before fornication, and for babies inside mothers’ wombs to have the right to life and not be murdered through abortion.

The question for the topic surrounding abortion is who is right and who is wrong, just like any two sides when it comes to a political discussion. The formal etymological definition of the word abortion, derives from Latin “abortiōnem” which today translates into English as the word for miscarriage. This means that the definition of this word has been changed over time to feed into people’s own selfish narratives into what an abortion means today. A miscarriage is not the same as an abortion, because when a woman has a miscarriage, it is not her choice and she has no control over whether the baby lives or dies. Compare this to the etymology of abortion today, where it now means a mother choosing freely to terminate the pregnancy by murdering her own baby.

The formal etymological definition for embryo, derives from the Latin word “embryonen” which in English translates into unborn living human. The earliest embryological multicellular stages occur in every animal on earth. The embryo stage lasts for eight weeks, after this it’s called a foetus until its birth.

The word for “foetus” derives from the Latin word “fētus” meaning offspring in English, compared to the Greek language “φυτώ” which means to plant or sow a seed. It is mildly important for people in the 21st century, to realise that ancient Romans and Greeks understood the ethical importance of a single human life. Even in medieval Europe, they understood a baby was a human being at the point of conception even though they did not have our modern biological understanding.

The History of Abortion

Marxist communists were the first ones with an ideological theory which included state provided abortion. It was a fundamental argument that abortion should be legally allowed in every case without the need for justification. On the 18th of November 1920, the Commissars of Justice and Public Health of the Russian Republic in the Soviet Union issued a Decree on Abortion, Vladimir Lenin signed this edict legalising abortion on every social ground as well as medical grounds. Thus the Russian Soviet Republic became the first government and nation in the whole world’s history to fully legalise abortion.

To the Communists, who held beliefs stemming from Marxist theories, this was a step in the direction of a progressive and free liberal society, in which women had the right to terminate their pregnancies however and whenever they pleased.

Before the Soviet Union, the act of abortion was illegal in Tsarist Russia. Everything that was deemed offensive and condemned during Russian imperialism, was now condoned through the new red states in the USSR. It then infiltrated into conservative countries like the United Kingdom, United States and other major Western developed nations, which have now also fully legalised the use of ending a woman’s pregnancy with medical intervention.

The idea for a state funded pregnancy termination would be implemented in future decades. Those Western nations, which were at first opposed to the radical idea of a state paying for a mother’s child to be terminated, were now being influenced by the same red state Marxist communist ideological philosophy, that it should be seen as morally right to murder the unborn.

In order to discover how the very first idea of abortion began in the West, we find that most of the instigators lived in the United States. When looking into those who founded Planned Parenthood in the healthcare system within the US, there are only three people that are worth mentioning, Fania Esiah Mindell, Ethel Higgins Byrne, and the most famous key figure of them all Margaret Higgins Sanger.

Let us address the issue with particular reference to Margaret Sanger, the life she lived, and her legacy. Her work involved creating what is known as the “Negro Project”, a birth control program in the black community. Margaret Sanger was giving presentations on her project in front of the KKK (Klu Klux Klan). In 1926 in Silver Lake, New Jersey. Margaret Sanger spoke to multiple white hooded KKK members talking about her ideas of birth control, mostly to the women’s auxiliary within the KKK. She spoke openly in favour of creating a superior white race by sterilising black people, who she considered to be a degenerate community.

She would later use her books and magazines, such as the “Woman and the New Race” and “Birth Control Review” which she had published through “TRUTH PUBLISHING CO.” to brainwash the already delusional KKK racial hatred narrative onto the female members. Without a shadow of a doubt, Margaret Sanger was an extremist when it came to eugenics within politics, racially segregating the black family, specifically not wanting black people to become parents. Thus proposing the ideal framework of birth control so it would depopulate the American black communities which later affected the whole of humanity.

On the 27th of October 1967, a politician called David Steel received a royal assent to introduce a new legal act in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. David Steel’s private members bill was the introduction of the Abortion Act of 1967, backed by the British government, making it legal for a woman to have an abortion. The Abortion Act did not fully come into play in the UK until the 27th of April 1968, due to practitioners debating on what grounds two doctors should agree to implement an abortion. One suggestion was if the pregnancy would be a risk to the life of the mother during her labour, or if it would injure the mother’s physical or mental health. On the 1st of November 1990, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act was established as the legal framework which the British government used to lower the gestation limit for abortions from 28 to 24 weeks.

24 weeks is today’s limit for women within which they can terminate their pregnancies. This limit was the accepted point in time when the foetus was considered viable outside the mother’s body. The act was later completed and came into effect on the 1st of April 1991. In June 2017, with abortion now freely legal for any reason, the government of Northern Ireland introduced a scheme to fund abortions across the rest of the United Kingdom, mostly for mothers in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. This provided free abortions for women in the UK, and also paid their travelling costs at the taxpayer’s expense, with the British Supreme Court raising the case earlier in the same month.

The funding for the Northern Irish scheme was then provided by the Government Equalities Office and HM treasury in 2017. In the following year on the 28th of December 2018, two new abortion pills were made available to women in Wales and England for use in their own homes. These were Misoprostol and Mifepristone. Scotland had already introduced this the year before. This was to lower the costs to the health services by avoiding abortion procedures in British hospitals and clinics.

How Abortions Take Place in the UK

With all the statistics and what we see and hear, I wonder what you think about the choices our women make and the world they wish to live in? As the Anglican Customary revealingly suggests, showing the dark truths about the murder of innocent British babies, killed in the name of “women’s rights”. Will you do anything to prevent the next innocent child having its soul taken away? Or will you still show support for the sorcerers who wish to end our lineages? If only Britain and the United States were shown the pain endured, blood spilled and the suffering of innocent babies with their heads being crushed inside their mothers’ wombs. If we choose to continue down this road for legalising abortion, our streets will be running with the blood of the babies, with our own NHS still participating. “Planned Parenthood” is a subversive term, dealing with humans that they do not want to exist, murdering the baby and therefore the existence of parenthood. Let me plead with you, let me ask what does a life mean to you?

The following is how a British abortion procedure is processed in the United Kingdom. Our women are given an appointment to have a local check-up with a GP waiting in the cold hallway of a hospital ward. They are then taken into the abortionist’s office and given information as to how the children will be ripped away from their physical bodies. These abortionists and doctors working in the fields of the NHS, show no regret in not telling their abortion clinic patients to think twice about their decision. The mothers make their final choice on terminating another human being. The women are taken into one of the spare back rooms within the clinic, placed onto the chair where the procedure is going to take place, and are then anaesthetised. This helps the woman to avoid looking at the abortion doctor’s face while they kill her own baby, crushing the baby’s organs, limb by limb. Sucking out the baby’s body parts with a sucking machine, almost like a vacuum.

The controversy surrounding abortion in the UK is deeply bitter, British citizens can even be arrested for saying a simple prayer outside an abortion clinic. On the 22nd of December 2022, 45 year old Isabel Vaughan Spruce who is leading director for an anti-abortion group called March for Life UK, was arrested for praying outside an abortion clinic in the West Midlands and taken into custody for violating the Public Space Protection order. Police accused her of “protesting and engaging in an act that is intimidating to service users”. The arrest for her devout, silent praying led to a righteous uproar on the internet.

UK Government Abortion Statistics

Statistically, 209,917 abortions took place in the year 2020 alone, with 99% of the abortions in England and Wales being funded through taxation in the NHS in 2020 alone. The rates for women aged under 18 has decreased from 8.1 to 6.9 per 1,000 women between the years of 2019 and 2020. However the rate for women over the age of 35 has increased from 9.7 to 10.6 per 1,000 women. This data collected from the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) with public health services in the NHS, tells us that whilst younger women are having fewer abortions, elderly women are having more. 81% of abortions in 2020 were women who were not married, 51% of the abortions in 2020 were women who were not married although they were in a relationship. In 2020, 77% of women having an abortion were white, 9% Asian and 7% black, with 97% of women documenting their ethnicity. Meaning the majority of women having an abortion in the United Kingdom are native to the UK, along with a minority of women from other European countries. This is unlike the United States, where the majority of women receiving an abortion are African American, the minority population of America.

Why Children are a Blessing

The right to life is one of the most important moral values any human must have. If vegans claim they condemn slaughtering cows, then they should surely forbid the slaughtering of our own human beings. Our little brothers and sisters which have been denied the precious gift of having experienced life.

Ways to Combat Abortion

Feminists use the term independent to describe the ideal female state in womanhood, and this is a problem for logical debate. For a female to receive a child into her womb, she becomes responsible for the child whose human life has just begun. Therefore, pregnant females are no longer fully independent. New waves of feminists also state that anyone, including men and trans men, can be pregnant. So anyone can have an abortion because they can no longer define what a woman is.

The Labour party and the LibDems cannot even defend little girls raped and abused by Pakistani grooming gangs. These girls’ voices were silenced while the crimes were covered up for many years throughout the UK. This would seem like political suicidal madness. And using their logic that it’s possible for a male to give birth, then why has no biological male ever done so throughout human history? Of course the left wingers use deception via media articles showing transgender men giving birth, who are in reality biological women identifying as men. This is to undermine the fact that pregnancy and birth is solely for a woman’s body, a gift given to them by God.

Gender related issues have increased dramatically in recent times, but mainly in so-called civilised societies in the West. With each passing decade, the younger generations have become more dysfunctional with regards to sex, and Marxist intersectionality and mental dysphoria disorders are on the increase. Only women can give birth, not men, and this holds throughout God’s creation. Scientists describe life via cellular biology and neurology, for example human cells making up human beings.

Truly, the only ways to fight against the processes of abortion is to speak up about it, do not be a coward and swing to and fro on the basis of rational common sense. In the Holy Bible, God says continuously that all souls are his, which includes the souls which would have been born if not aborted. These children would have lived just like every single one of us alive today. Yet they were not given the chance to exist with their potential to bring fruit to our lives and inspire many minds.

It is so sad to see humans not knowing what they are doing when murdering the most sacred life of all, the children.