John Lawrence – Party Leader
Pat McGinnis - Treasury and Press Officer
Pat McGinnis – Treasury and Press Officer

John Lawrence is the Leader and Nominating Officer; Patrick McGinnis is the Treasurer and Press  Officer. 

National Housing Party United Kingdom officially registered as a political party with the electoral commission in April 2022. The two founding members are John Lawrence and Patrick McGinnis. John Lawrence is the Leader and Nominating Officer; Patrick McGinnis is the Treasurer and Press Officer.

John and Pat have campaigned against the establishment since 2012 with various anti-permanent settlement immigration parties. John and Pat felt that the time had come to start their own political party because at that time there was no other viable option available with the policies that they wanted to campaign for.

The two NHPUK main policies which are non-negotiable are a complete halt to permanent settlement immigration and to leave the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

Immigration has caused a housing crisis, school place shortages, millions on unacceptable NHS waiting lists, green belt damage, rise in violent and sexual crime, out of control housing and rent prices, and traffic congestion.

Most importantly, our country is losing its identity and if permanent settlement immigration isn’t stopped the indigenous U.K. population will become a minority by 2066 (professor David Coleman).

 NHPUK is a Christian Nationalist Party with realistic policies which will benefit both the indigenous population and U.K. citizens.

 NHPUK’s main aim is to stand in and win as many local elections as possible in order to put pressure on the bigger parties to adopt our common-sense policies.

National Housing Party United Kingdom campaign to create a society where people are not persecuted for merely having opinions or thoughts. The NHPUK leadership urge their members and the general public not to use the thought crime accusation words/phrases such as “racist”, “antisemitic”, “Islamophobic”, “sexist”, transphobic”,  “misogynist” and “homophobic” with any validity.

National Housing Party United Kingdom are against bullying which also includes the bullying of people with the use of politically correct words such as the seven words listed above.

National Housing Party United Kingdom campaign to repeal all hate crime/discrimination laws and the equalities act. These laws and acts are the corner stone of today’s politically correct society.

The politically correct society we now live in is a vicious anti-white and anti-Christian one. These politically correct words and cultures need to be repealed in order for a healthy and creative society to return.

The Muslim rape gang scandal and the knife crime epidemic on London’s streets are just two other examples which still continue en masse with no end in sight because of our politically correct society and laws

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