Dover Beach Landings

The only solution to the Dover crisis: Exit the 1951 UN Refugee Convention

Dover beach landing

It is impossible to prove which country the people arriving on the beach came from when they claim asylum if they don’t cooperate, which they never do. All commanding officers within Border Force will be very aware that if they were to turn a dinghy around and it sunk, and they drowned, they would be in serious trouble. They could even face criminal charges for any deaths. There is no way any of them will turn back any boats without taking them somewhere to be processed whilst we are signed up to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.


Sometimes they stop halfway across the channel on their way to the UK and call 999 from a mobile phone. They say they are in difficulty and ask the coast guard for help. They turn their engine off and wait. Under Maritime law, all vessels nearby are obligated to help another vessel in distress. Once they make contact with the UK coast guard, they claim asylum as refugees.

Legal Entry

Every single one of the boat people who land on the beaches of Dover also claim asylum. You can call them economic migrants, illegals, or whatever you like, but the facts won’t change. Our Government are treating them as refugees because they claim asylum, and we, the UK, are signed up to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention. They cannot be treated as illegal immigrants or criminals under Article 31 of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

Identity Papers

They deliberately destroy all of their genuine Identity papers then give a false Identity that cannot be traced to any country in the world. No country in the world would ever accept someone we want to deport if that country had no record of them.

They also speak no to very little English. This makes it impossible to deport people if their asylum claim fails, and that’s why they do it. You cannot prove which exact country someone is from just from DNA. Once they have landed, it is impossible to prove which country they directly came from and who they are. They could have sailed from Holland, Belgium, or France. They could even say they set sail from the coast of Africa! If they spoke English, that is. How can you prove they didn’t? If we had a land border with France, maybe we could prove that they came from a safe country and refuse asylum under Article 31, but we can’t because they arrive by sea.

Claiming Asylum

Once they have claimed asylum, they are entitled to a fair hearing because of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, and until then, they must be given food and shelter. If they qualify as refugees, again, they are to be given food and shelter. Local councils give refugees extra points in the points-based housing system because they have supposedly fled a war zone or extreme danger, which puts them in front of UK citizens for social housing. This is why they are put in hotels before their asylum hearing and when waiting for their council flats.

Deportation is no Deterrent

Asylum seekers who fail their asylum hearing become illegal immigrants. If they are determined to stay in our country, it is usually impossible to deport them. Even if they are deported, they can just come back and try their luck again and again and again with fake papers. After the UK has left the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, a mandatory three-year prison sentence is needed for illegal entry. This must be given to all illegal immigrants with them staying in prison after their sentence until they organise ID papers and departure from the UK. Once we have left the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, we can treat people turning up on our coastline as criminals and give them the three-year jail sentence for illegal entry. This is the only civilised deterrent that will work.

A date should be set for the estimated two million illegal immigrants currently living in the UK for them to leave. Only if they give their DNA, photo, and fingerprints when leaving a UK sea or airport will they be given amnesty. If they have not committed any serious crimes, they will be free to go and be banned for life. Detention/Prison camps will have to be built en masse for any illegal immigrant caught who decided not to take advantage of the amnesty. These Detention/Prison camps will be designed so that they can then be used for social housing at a later date for the estimated one million UK citizens currently on social housing waiting lists. Building these detention/housing complexes will create thousands of jobs for the UK population.

Amnesty and Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

Boris Johnson has repeatedly called for a complete amnesty for long term illegal immigrants, which would give them full UK citizenship. The reason for this is because he knows most of them can’t be deported because they never give their real identity. A politically correct liberal establishment will never advocate putting illegal immigrants in prison until they agree to leave our country. This is why they say an amnesty is the only solution.

Realistic Patriotic Nationalism

A genuine Patriotic Nationalist Government would never give refugees full citizenship and a passport to their country. They may provide financial assistance or temporary help for them in another way but never permanent settlement. The 1951 UN Refugee Convention changed all of this and is now a one-world, no-borders communist assault on our planet.

The 1951 convention is now creating more chaos and danger in the world than what it was allegedly made for.

The Pull-Factor

Wealthy and prosperous Western Nations started giving out citizenship and passports to people who were not of their own ethnic bloodline around 70 years ago. This has gradually developed into a stampede which is now near impossible to stop. Giving out passports legally also attracts millions of illegal immigrants because they know they will eventually be given citizenship. Even if Donald Trump had built his wall, it would have made little difference to the millions of illegal immigrants heading for the USA.

You will never stop illegal immigration until you stop giving out passports to foreigners legally. They would have just found another way around the wall.

The “Australian Refugee Solution” is not the Answer

Many people like Nigel Farage keep saying that Australia has the perfect solution for what is happening at Dover. This is not a perfect solution for Patriotic Nationalists and is quite the opposite. Yes, Australia managed to stop the boats turning up on their shores packed with refugees but they only diverted them to a small offshore island to be processed. Yes, they may have stopped some opportunist “refugee fraudsters”, but In 2018 Australia settled 12,706 refugees, and in 2020, it was 18,200, after they allegedly solved the problem.

Farage is happy for 25,000+ refugees a year to settle in the UK (said on LBC) and stay signed up to the 1951 UN refugee convention. There are many videos of him saying this. We as Nationalists do not want one more refugee or foreign National settling permanently in the UK period. We have had more than enough of what they call diversity.

People need to understand that the root of the problem at Dover is accepting refugees, and this needs to be stopped

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