419 Hotels Housing Illegal Immigrants


There are 419 hotels that are currently being used to temporarily house illegal immigrants and Afghans who entered the UK under the resettlement scheme. At £7 million a day being spent on hotel accommodation, I can reveal that the Home Office is currently using 419 different hotels up and down the country.

The quality of hotel accommodation varies along with the location. Although many of those used are of a 3-4 star rating.

The true figure for the number of hotels that have actually housed illegal immigrants is far higher but as of the 10th of November, it stands at 419. These 419 hotels are being used to temporarily accommodate ‘asylum seekers’ and Afghans who have entered the UK under ‘resettlement schemes‘.

This year over 42,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat and many more via other routes such as the Eurotunnel and in the back of vehicles such as lorries, vans, and cars. The Home Office claims they hold no data on those arriving illegally via the Eurotunnel.

After numerous Freedom of Information requests to try and get a rough figure on vehicle arrivals, the Home Office finally replied stating that:

There were approximately five thousand in-country detections between January – August 2022“.

Of course, the true figure will be far higher since those the Home Office stated are only the ‘in-country detections’. Many more will arrive undetected and disappear.

1 thought on “419 Hotels Housing Illegal Immigrants

  1. Martin70 says:

    I have long term mental health problems and I am homeless. To say the least I have been hung out to dry by the system.

    I’m currently in what’s called temporary emergency accommodation (yet again) by the local authority. I had to really fight just to get that.

    Guess the type of people I’m having to live with? I’ve got more than one making me ill right now, because it’s perfectly acceptable for them to keep on making unnecessary noise.

    To say I’m tired and have had enough is an understatement.

    My government and all of its useful idiots in the public charity and solicitors want me dead.

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