OFSTED’s Cover-Up With Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (OMBC)

After working over 25 years at Red Robin Pre-School (which operates from Gravel Hole Methodist Church, Castleton Road, Royton, Oldham) I found myself being dismissed with a “protected” disclosure by the church minister.

I witnessed physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, data protection breaches, policy breaches, especially with regard to safe-guarding policies and the mobile phone policy. (See Vanessa George from Little Ted’s, Plymouth).

I went to the tribunal with no help and no legal representation for the vulnerable children. My employer wore his dog collar whilst slandering me to the tribunal panel. Some of my colleagues also slandered and libelled me. They safe-guarded their jobs and not the under-fives.

One of my colleagues had previously given a statement putting forward her own safe-guarding concerns, but then refused to go on the stand. On the day of the tribunal, she produced a letter libelling me. The judge stated it did not look good for me.

I believe the decision was made on the first day of the tribunal. That was not the only “late” evidence they produced and which was accepted.

The pre-school’s secretary also committed perjury at my tribunal. She doctored evidence, such as minutes of the meeting on 1st November 2012. She also typed a libellous letter, that she got one of my colleagues to sign as though it were her own letter, which was then sent to the tribunal!

I was not allowed to produce any evidence. Bias! The tribunal warned the pre-school’s barrister that the press was in attendance and to go easy on me.

The tribunal ruled in the pre-school’s favour.

I have been denied an appeal along with the under-fives due to evidence being “late” as OFSTED withheld a parent’s letter.

OFSTED have a “legal duty” to safe-guard the under-fives. The system is set up to fail the vulnerable. Why?

OFSTED had already covered up safe-guarding failings, as just 2 months after serving Red Robin with a 5-year penalty for their failings, OFSTED then re-registered the pre-school under a new unique reference number. Why? And at what cost?

Squirrels Childcare in High Crompton, Shaw, Oldham, refused to employ me because I was a whistleblower and instead gave the post to the colleague who libelled me at the tribunal – they reneged on my job offer and gave it to someone less qualified.

Since 26th February 2018, I have been refused my Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) as a whistleblower. My GP has never missed a sick note. My doctor also refuses to help me as he works at Dr Zahid Chauhan’s practice, and Zahid Chauhan is also the Mayor of Oldham.

The police have lost my case file after sharing it with Aaron Emerson at OMBC.

My church, St James Church Thornham in Royton, have ostracised me along with the community as I disclosed to the full Parochial Church Meeting (PCC) meeting. They lied in the “minutes of the meeting” to make it look as though I had not attended.

I am prepared to lose my home to finance a court hearing. My insurance policy with £50,000 in legal expenses would not even provide me with a solicitor. Irwin Mitchell claimed the whistleblowing policy is flawed as I had no witnesses. I had many witnesses, but they remained silent.

The ministry of justice refused the merits of my case despite meeting the means test. Why no safe-guarding for the under fives and no protection in law for a whistleblower? The ministry of justice breached the data protection act when they sent me a convicts protection order with my returned evidence.

I cannot imagine how victims of abuse feel, but as their whistleblower, I can honestly say it has destroyed my life! All through discrimination for being a whistleblower. All on Jim McMahon’s watch (the MP for Oldham West and Royton).

Please help me to protect the under-fives.
Dorothy Lord

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