Nationalizing Utilities and Rail Policy

NHPUK believe that the Gas, Water, and Electricity industries are too big for a fair, competitive free market which in theory should keep prices down for the public. The nationalisation of these industries will stop their monopolisation by mega rich billionaire companies who do not want to keep the prices down for the public.

NHPUK Nationalising Rail

NHPUK also campaign to nationalise the UK rail network for the same reasons. T

he national rail network, which mostly has only one train track for companies to compete over, is counterproductive and should be giving value for the public which it does not. Having only one train track dramatically reduces the chance to have a level playing field for unlimited train companies to compete.

The amount of money needed to even start a private train company also drives the unfair monopoly that it creates.

France, Netherlands and Germany have nationalised rail/train networks.

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