The Trans Debacle Policy

There is no such thing as a “trans” person which also means there is no such thing as the politically correct accusation of “transphobia”.

NHPUK say it is impossible for a man or woman to transition into the opposite sex from that of their birth.

NHPUK campaign to make it illegal for doctors to remove someone’s sexual organs in order to change sex.

NHPUK campaign to make sex change medications illegal.

NHPUK campaign to stop people having the right to change their sex on their passport or any other official document.

NHPUK campaign to stop official bodies such as TV, radio, newspapers, prisons, NHS, sports organisations, education, military, and political organisations referring to people by the sex they were not born with.

Men pretending to be women would not be able to compete in women’s events or be sent to women’s prisons.

It is not a coincidence that this has become a major issue within our society. “Trans” ideology is a result of Christianity being removed from our formerly Christian society.

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