There is no denying that the climate is changing. NHPUK say that it is not a man made climate change and not because of the burning of fossil fuels.

The witch hunt against humans, which asserts that we are destroying the planet, needs to stop. China, India and Russia are not implementing any of these measures in order to save the planet, which makes it highly suspicious to say the least.

The man made climate change hoax is just another Neo-Marxist attack on our Christian way of life. This hoax is being used to extort money from the poorest people in our society.

NHPUK oppose and campaign to cancel all of the following.

1 Lower Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Schemes.

2 Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ).

3 All new vehicles to be made electric by 2030.

4 Net Zero targets.

5 15 minute zone cities.

6 Carbon free housing targets by 2035.

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