NHPUK campaign for a full and thorough public investigation into what happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thousands of UK citizens have died or been seriously injured because they were pressurised by the state and big pharma to take an experimental vaccine that millions of people didn’t actually need.  

Anyone, including the media, politicians, big pharma and doctors who have been found to have broken the law with the enforcement of lockdowns and the rollout of the experimental vaccine, will be taken to court and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. 

NHPUK campaign to stop legislation which allowed the state to bring in an untested vaccine with emergency powers as happened with the Covid-19 vaccine. Laws must be enforced that vaccines must pass a 10-year trial before being used on the public. The untested Covid-19 vaccine was barely a few months old when they inflicted it on our nation’s population. 

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