Dear Mrs Braverman,

Today, yet again, we witness Just Stop Oil blocking roads in London. The public are getting fed up with the police not doing their job, in this video you can see the frustration of this man who is just trying to get to work. What do the met police do? Instead of arresting Just Stop Oil under your new legislation, they arrest the man instead.

People are getting sick and tired of this behaviour, and it won’t be long before groups are formed at a phone call to physically remove these protesters from our roads.

We all want to make the environment better. This is not the way. Even worse, I hear these protesters are arriving by car. They are all wearing clothes and using banners made from oil-based products. To be honest, I don’t even think they realise just how much of a hypocrite they are, so in my view, it’s deliberate just to cause havoc and get donations as well as YouTube likes.

The Met Police yet again have failed the city, so who is really in charge of London? The police or some woke politicians?

The public has had enough, I’m grateful I don’t live in London, but I feel strongly enough on this matter to contact you after seeing the video.

Please do something before things get out of hand completely, and summer rolls round.

Your sincerely

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