NHPUK believe that the state has overstepped its power regarding taking children away from a child’s mother or father. NHPUK campaign to:

1. Scrap secret family courts. Open up family courts to the family, the public and the media. 

2. Revoke the children’s future harms conspiracy bill, known as the white paper, which was implemented by the Tony Blair Government in the early 2000s. 

3. Outlaw international adoption whether the child is leaving, or coming into the UK. It should be against the child’s human rights to be uprooted from its ethnic background. 

4.  Prohibit financial incentives to adopt or foster children. Fosterers and adoptees should be doing it out of love for humanity and not for financial gain. 

5. End same sex couples having the right to adopt/foster or have surrogate children. It is child abuse to deliberately bring a child into the world without its real mother or father in its day to day life. It is also against Christian values for same sex couples to be in custody of children.

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