Veterans Policy

NHPUK believe that our military veterans should be given priority for housing and medical care. They have put their lives on the line to protect all of us, with many being seriously injured both mentally and physically and many who live with life long medical issues because of their service. They should be rewarded for giving everything for their nation.

NHPUK campaign for all military veterans to be put at the top of any social housing and NHS treatment lists. Only veterans who are UK citizens will be eligible for housing and NHS treatment. We currently have thousands of military veterans sleeping rough on the streets of the UK while the LibLabCon establishment house tens of thousands of refugees ahead of them.

NHPUK campaign for whatever Government is in power to lend veterans an interest free 10% deposit which is required in order to be accepted by the bank for a mortgage. A nation’s military veterans should be the most important people in its society. Veterans are the people who didn’t mind taking a bullet for our nation, so we’re sure our nation wont mind them taking first place in the queue for social housing and medical care.

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