NHKUP Bicycle policies

NHPUK campaign for bicycles and electric cycles/scooters to have number plates and insurance. Many cyclists do not respect the rule of law on the UK’s roads. Many electric cycles/scooters are travelling faster than motor vehicles in 20 mph zones and are breaking the speed limit with no consequences. Cyclists and electric vehicle users currently ride wherever they choose, including on pavements and in pedestrian only areas which is a public safety risk. Phone and hand bag snatches are now an epidemic in our towns and cities.

Regulating bicycles and electric cycles/scooters by giving them number plates will help police protect the public from these sorts of crimes and help to address public safety concerns. Millions of pounds have been spent on implementing cycle lanes and motorists have had to pay for them. Since these lanes are specifically and exclusively for cyclists to use, it is only fair that they should contribute towards using them through paying road tax themselves.

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