Stop all permanent settlement immigration.

This means non-UK nationals would not be able to settle permanently in the UK (unless they were to marry a UK citizen).

Issue tourist and student visas.

Before being issued a visa to enter the UK, tourists and students would need to pay a deposit; this would discourage people from staying in the UK when their visa expires.

Issue temporary work permits for governmental emergency purposes only.

Temporary work permits for foreign workers would not be issued for private businesses or globalist companies while there is unemployment in the UK.

Leave the European Union in full which means the scrapping of the Northern Ireland protocol and leaving the ECHR.

Introduce a mandatory 3-year prison sentence for illegal entry into the UK.

Deportation alone is not a deterrent. They would stay in prison until they organised their own paperwork for deportation. A date would be set for the estimated 2 million illegal immigrants in the UK to leave. An amnesty from the 3 year prison sentence would be granted if the illegal immigrants left the UK by the date set. The condition for this amnesty would be for them to give their DNA, finger prints and photo when leaving a seaport or airport before that date. If they had not committed a serious crime they would be free to go and banned for life.

Illegal immigrants who didn’t take advantage of the amnesty and are caught would have to serve the 3 year prison sentence. A £30,000 fine could be paid for early release from the prison sentence along with immediate deportation.

Construct thousands of illegal immigrant detention centres that could then be turned into social housing at a later date for our own people. We have over 1 million UK citizens on social housing waiting lists. The building of these detention centres which would later be housing estates would create thousands of jobs for the UK population.

Clamp down on sham marriages.

Only UK citizens who can trace 50% of their ancestry back to the British Isles for at least 70 years will have the right to bring someone into the UK on a marriage visa. Foreign nationals who marry a UK citizen would never be given a UK passport but would have the right to remain as long as they stay married.

NPUK will never issue UK passports to foreign nationals as previous governments have done. Only permit people with UK passports to vote, claim benefits or use the NHS. People without UK passports would have to pay for their health care privately.

Give financial help to any legally settled ethnic minority who wished to leave the UK because they would feel more comfortable in another country.

NHPUK will no longer recognise the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

The 1951 UN Refugee Convention is out of date and is being exploited. This Convention is no longer fit for purpose because of the widespread abuse by millions of economic migrants flooding into the UK, which is getting worse day by day. Giving refugees full UK citizenship would come to an end.

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