Today we should remember St Valentine. I’m sure most of you know that today is about love and togetherness. There is much more to St Valentine’s Day than hearts and roses. St Valentine is the patron saint of marriage, epilepsy, mental illness and beekeepers to name but a few.

St Valentine was martyred (given a sainthood) in 496AD over 200 years after his death in recognition of his ministry with many persecuted Christians during the time of the Roman Empire.

Today many people are still persecuted in this country and over the world because of their Christian faith. Jesus said that Christians would be persecuted because of his name.

John Chapter 15

So today let’s remember St Valentine, not with cards and flowers but with thanks, and let’s pray that The Father sends us another Valentine when and if we need him. A man with a large heart showing valour, love and honour. We should never forget men like this, so we thank Jesus too, it was his grace that gave St Valentine his strength to help others.