Housing and rent prices are out of reach for most UK citizens.

If you want to get a mortgage you must pay a 10% deposit in order to be accepted by the bank lending you the money. For example, if the property you wanted to get a mortgage for was priced at £500,000 the deposit would be £50,000 which is out of reach for most people. This is because our housing market has been on the globalist housing market for decades.

Rich billionaires from around the world including the Middle East, China, USA, India, and Russia have and continue to buy up thousands of properties. Buying property, land, and businesses in the UK is seen as a very good investment for these international billionaires.

Foreign Investors = Higher Prices

This has pushed UK housing prices through the roof, making them far too expensive for ordinary people and has forced the UK public to compete on the global stage with billionaires with only one winner.

Many of the properties are never even occupied and are treated purely as investments with the value of the property always rising. Many UK council flat tenants have also purchased their flats on the right to buy scheme and have then sold the property to these mega rich foreign investors.

These foreign investors then rent the properties out to the UK public for £400 a week just for a one-bedroom ex council flat. Foreign ownership of properties in England and Wales has trebled since 2010 from 88,000 to 250,000 in November 2021 (source: Centre for Public Data).

The Way Forward

We are in a major housing crisis because of globalism and immigration. We need to nationalise our housing market and businesses to give ordinary UK citizens a fair chance in life.

We need to set a reasonable future date for all foreign owners of property, land, and businesses (including football clubs) for them to sell their assets to a UK citizen.

If they fail to sell to a UK citizen by the date set, the UK Government will purchase the assets back from them at the price they originally paid for it unless that price has dropped, in which case it will be purchased at the going rate. A law will be passed making it illegal from that date for non-UK citizens to own property, land, or businesses in the UK.

Nationalising the UK Housing Market Policy

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