NHS Policy

The NHS is a financial black hole which has become the failed flagship of the socialist welfare state. Unfortunately, the welfare state has replaced Christianity with no consequences for irresponsible behaviour whereas Christianity is a positive guide for life which produces healthy life styles.

Some parts of the NHS are now privatised. NHPUK campaign to re-nationalise the NHS turning it into a pay as you go service under certain circumstances. For example, if someone is living an unhealthy lifestyle – taking drugs, eating too much, smoking, or drinking too much alcohol – which led to them needing more medical treatment than a healthy person, they would be charged for every interaction with the NHS. All abortions would have to be paid for by the mother unless they were a victim of a rape. As a Christian Nationalist Party, we believe abortion to be a sin.

Life threatening natural illnesses would be covered by the NHS free of charge – OAPs and people with disabilities would also be treated free of charge.

Big pharma is completely out of control and has become too powerful as we saw with the Covid-19 vaccine debacle. We cant allow individual private companies to earn money on life and death illnesses. Big Pharma would also need to be nationalised with a pay as you go service for prescriptions. This would prevent anything like the Covid-19 vaccine scam, which was driven by financial greed, from ever happening again.

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