Dydd Gayle Dewl Hapus

Welcome, Happy Saint David’s Day, for all the non-Welsh speakers .

The Patron Saint of Wales was said to have died on this day in 589AD, and even though it’s not a bank holiday IT SHOULD BE!

St David is also Patron of Pembrokeshire, vegetarians, Naas (county town of County Kildare in Ireland) and poets. It is said that he pilgrimaged to Jerusalem and only ate leeks and drank water.
St David found over 1200 monasteries for the Celtic Christian. I wonder how many are left?

St David was born in Caerfai, southwest Wales.
Tradition has told us that St David’s mother was also a Welsh saint, Saint Non the patron saint of raped women. His grandfather was said to be the Ceredig ap Cunedda king of Ceredigion

Having spent many nights under canvas in the beautiful Welsh mountains in the north, there really is nothing like waking up on the dragon’s back while visiting Snowdonia, paddling in the sea on one of the amazing beaches in South Wales and hiking across those horrendous Brecon Beacons.

As beautiful as Wales is, life in Wales has drastically changed in the last 50 years with the closure of many mines, factories, and now farms being closed or bought up in order to offset net zero, the steelworkers losing their livelihoods for the green agenda (UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 30). The one thing Wales has is its community and the Welsh people come together to look after each other.

Wales is 8192 square miles of beauty with a coastline of over 1,500 miles. The capital of Wales is Cardiff and has been home to the Welsh Parliament or Senedd Cymru since 1999 (The Labour Party’s idea for more division within the UK).

Wales does have much to celebrate with their culture, the arts, and some of the best writers and musicians in the world. I mean, who didn’t grow up reading Roald Dahl or watching the films he has written.

The Tudors were Welsh, and we all know the history of that royal family.

The national dish of Wales is Cawl, it is a soup of Welsh lamb, vegetables and herbs – here I was thinking it was cheese on toast.

Pop on your daffodil ladies, or put a leek in your top pocket if you’re a gentleman and let’s celebrate Wales, St David, and the Welsh people.

God has given us this wonderful culture to celebrate and learn more about. We have the mountains to explore and the waterfalls to marvel over. To me, Wales is one of the most beautiful countries that God has created.

Enjoy your day and tell ya mates about this group of people that want to bring the Great British Isles back into existence, unify the United Kingdom by bringing our Lord God back into the heart of the people and putting the native people first. St David knew the importance of God, he was also aware that churches are a meeting house as well as a place to praise the mighty creator our Lord God and let’s thank Jesus for his sacrifice on the cross that day at Calvary. Jesus was aware that one person can make a difference no matter how hard, and one can soon become many.