The Greater London Council – the elected government for Greater London – was abolished in 1986 by the Local Government Act 1985. Strategic functions were split off to various joint arrangements. Londoners voted in a referendum in 1998 to create a new governance structure for Greater London. The directly elected Mayor of London was created by the Greater London Authority Act 1999 in 2000 as part of the reforms.

Since Sadiq Khan won the mayoral role in London, he has introduced policies that have not only destabilised London, but halted growth, increased crime, and pushed those less fortunate to the outskirts of London, due to the cost of living, increased poverty, and the ridiculous ULEZ charges.

ULEZ Scandal

Sadiq’s motoring policies have become a key focus of his tenure, with measures such as the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) expansion proving contentious among Londoners and the fact he lied about the supporting data. ULEZ will do nothing for the environment and is simply a tax on the poor.

20mph Speed Limits

With the rollout of 20mph speed limits, Khan has systemically brought London to a standstill, effectively creating more pollution from traffic queues and delays.

NHPUK can understand the low speed limits around schools and hospitals, but we do not support turning London into a 20mph no-go zone.

LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods)

LTNs have caused huge arguments up and down the country, with the public claiming they push car use to busier main roads, slow down emergency response times, and are damaging for nearby businesses. The Oxford LTN is said to cost the NHS £650,000 in delays. LTNs and ULEZ are also causing widespread loneliness amongst the elderly and disabled because family members don’t want to visit them in their vehicles.

What will NHPUK do?

It would appear with the changes to mayoral roles, Sadiq Khan has been given sweeping powers, and is on a madman power trip, not even listening to local councils or residents even if support against his policies is overwhelming.

NHPUK believes that this is undemocratic and will campaign for the complete removal of all mayors, putting control back into the hands of parliament, councils and most importantly, the general public who are both financially and emotionally affected by these unsubstantiated policies, which on any planet would still make net-zero impossible.

NHPUK say the mayoral positions of our big cities have too much power and need to be scrapped. 

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