The National Housing Party has been successfully up and running now for over a year, with membership increasing nation-wide and there is also growing support in Northern Ireland.

On May 5th 2023, after a lengthy campaign the results are in, and the numbers are looking very positive for future growth within the NHPUK.

Our three main candidates were John Lawrence, who stood in Hollinwood ward, Oldham, Gary Bergin, who stood in Claughton Ward, The Wirral, and Callum Leat, who stood in Dodington Ward, Yate. Each bringing in positive votes into triple figures:

Leat = 228 Votes

Lawrence = 205 Votes

Bergin = 149 Votes

Although the NHPUK didn’t win any seats this time. They certainly performed better than the Reform Party, who were expected to take lead place. Saying that, the flip flop Tories didn’t fare too well either, losing control of 48 councils, six directly to The Labour Party who actually took back control of 22 councils overall. Labour’s largest swing was in the South.

So, to summarise, The Conservatives have lost more than 1,000 seats, while Labour have made more than 500 gains. The remainder of the losses for the Conservative Party were split between the Lib Dems, who gained 405 seats and 12 councils, while the Greens gained 241 seats and one council. Independents lost 80 seats, but gained one council.

As you can see the results make grim reading for the Conservatives, demonstrating that the party’s popularity has taken a steep decline.

So, what caused this disaster for the Tories? It’s very simple, the general public have sent a clear message. They are not happy with Britain clearly having no control over its borders, and didn’t believe the Tories failed “We’ll Stop the Boats” campaign, which is just empty words.

The National Housing Party, has two main major campaigns:

  1. A complete halt to permanent settlement migration unless you marry a British citizen. Even then, you should not be given a British passport and if the marriage fails you will be removed from the country.
  1. To exit the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, the UN Human Rights Convention and the European Court of Human Rights. We all know these organisations are strangling the UK and are being abused by migrants, refugee charities, human rights lawyers and NGOs.

NHPUK is a Christian Nationalist Party, who believe Britain and its population deserve better than what the Conservatives and Labour can offer. Join the party and let’s work together to create a better Britain, fairer to us all who are rightfully entitled. We campaign to stop us being seen as second class citizens in our own country.