Foreign Aid Bribery

What is “foreign aid”?

Everyone keeps banging on about how “foreign aid” should be stopped.

This so-called “foreign aid” will never be stopped until it is exposed for what it really is: mass bribery.

The bankers, Nato, The UN, and the Globalist elite use these enormous bribes around the world. In order to get things done the way they want to do it. And disguise the payments as “foreign aid”.

Whenever someone refers to this bribery by the global elite as “foreign aid”. They are just going along with the mass deception that is being implemented onto us by the global regime.

The global elites

Which includes the UK government are quietly chuckling to themselves. Knowing that many people still think all those billions of Pounds/Euros/Dollars. Are really going to help poor people around the world when it’s not?

This money is used to persuade foreign governments. Not to intervene in military matters on their borders if a crisis breaks out or is simmering.

If they refuse to cooperate, the payments will stop.

These countries become dependent on massive payments.

The global elites then use this as a very helpful bargaining chip. In order to get their way in international matters or even a crisis. China, India, and Pakistan all spring to mind when these methods are used. All three are powerful militarily, and all three have nuclear weapons.

All three receive massive bribes (“foreign aid”) on a regular basis from the West.

Is it a coincidence that all three of those countries rarely ever venture outside their own borders? Militarily when they are so powerful?

I don’t think so, considering their military might. At the same time, they are accepting massive payments disguised as “foreign aid” from the West. I am sure that it’s not only the UK that is paying bribes (“foreign aid”) to these countries.

If they don’t sign enough deals, they don’t get “foreign aid”.

Some of the dictators who receive these bribes. Don’t even try to pretend it’s for the poor people of their country.

They squander it on a lavish lifestyle for the world to see because they know that the payments won’t stop. If they continue to cooperate with the West’s globalist agenda.

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