NHPUK Don't Drink the Koolaid

Dear Michelle,

You complain and moan every week about the hundreds of dinghies
arriving at Dover but wont even suggest what the real solution may

Are you for the working class or not? Why are you not saying the
obvious, which needs to be said for the sake of the working class? Do
you love your country?

The refugee crisis is out of control and has to be stopped.

We have over 1 million people on social housing waiting lists. The UK
must stop accepting refugees for citizenship and housing. Why won’t
you say this on your show? Would you lose your job for saying this? Or
do you want more and more refugees coming here with no housing for
our own people? Are you just in the media game for money? Are you
just like SKY, BBC and the Rotherham authorities who selfishly
kept/keep quiet to keep their jobs?

If you don’t have the integrity to speak out then why not let me on
your show to talk about the elephant in the room? This elephant is that
refugees are being given a huge pull factor to enter the UK, including
UK passports and housing. Until this pull factor is stopped and that
message sent out to the world, this nightmare will never end.

This problem started in 1951 when they gave a single refugee more
rights than the nation state. If this hadn’t happened, we may have
been able to help genuine refugees with temporary shelter and
financial support etc. but they should never be given citizenship. The
one-world no-borders Communist convention on refugees, AKA the
1951 UN Refugee Convention, is now causing more danger, damage,
and suffering than it was originally intended to prevent. There were
good reasons why nations didn’t give hordes of refugees automatic
citizenship and housing before 1951.

How many more rapes?
How many more murders?
How many more stabbings?
How many more terrorist attacks?
How many more hotel bills?
How many more council flats?
How long before we become a minority?

Are you willing to take one for the team which is our Nation?

What have I said that is so evil? Is it because I pointed out to you that
ReformUK is part of the culture? Why have GBNews cancelled me?
Is it because I am an ex-BNP member? What exactly have I said that
is so bad?

GBNews has the same PC attitude as the Rotherham authorities had
during the rape gang scandal, which is that they’re not prepared to
talk about the elephant in the room, and then cancel people like me
who are willing to discuss it.

Your show is an excellent show. You have had people of political
parties on your show regularly who have never won a local election
council seat, so why are we excluded? We are also standing in

I know deep down that you want me on your show and our country
needs people like me on your show, so why don’t you prove to the
nation that you do believe in free speech and are against the cancel
culture by having me as a guest?

P.S. I really can’t see how you could lose your job for letting me on
your show to say what needs to be said and what most GBNews
viewers will agree with.

Yours sincerely,
Patrick McGinnis
NHPUK Treasurer & Press officer