NHPUK will be holding a national meeting in Manchester on Saturday 9th March at 1pm. Our party will be two years old in April, with 2023 being our first full year as a registered political party able to take part in local elections.

We couldn’t have hoped for a better start, with some very encouraging first time election results in London, Greater Manchester and Bristol.

NHPUK was started almost by accident but has turned into a credible fighting force at a local election level. We are a Christian nationalist party which also seeks to spread the word of Jesus, but you don’t need to be a Christian to join or help out with our party.

Headline speakers for this meeting will be John Lawrence, Paul Rimmer, Pat McGinnis and Angie New. We will also be having surprise guest speakers.

Please email [email protected] or [email protected] for meeting details if you would like to attend. The meeting place for redirection to the venue will be in central Manchester at 12:30.

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