To expand upon the recent article about the general consequences of removing Christianity from our society. This article focuses more on the impact this has had on one specific. But a fundamentally important component of our society: is schools. For a brief introductory example, I used to attend a Catholic Sacred Heart school. And it has since started abandoning its ties to the faith. I may be a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) now, but I am still saddened to see any Christian sect in decline. But an even more powerful symbol of the removal of Christianity. Our education was in a school I once visited. The Chapel next to the school had been completely renovated and replaced as a drama hall by the local authorities! That was more than enough to convince me I shouldn’t go there!

As a result of this growing godlessness and rapidly spreading secularisation, our schools have become needlessly and excessively sexualized. Instead of teaching children that pride is the worst of the seven deadly sins. They’re instead propping up “pride” flags in the classrooms (and not a single Union Jack in sight!). By forcing this woke version of sex education on all children. Teachers are filling a role in the students’ lives that should be left to the parents. It’s no wonder so many young people are suddenly identifying as “LGBT”. It’s practically being advertised to kids when they’re still learning their timetables!

My current school is located in a town that, according to the 2011 census. Is 98% White, and yet “Black History Month”, posters are plastered in corridors everywhere to celebrate “Black Accomplishments”. Alongside this glorification of non-White cultures is the consistently
negative light that British and Christian history is portrayed in. Consequently, my overwhelmingly White classmates feel ashamed of our heritage and the actions of our forefathers. And even more ridiculous are our multi-gender toilet cubicles!

Being a 17-year-old, my Christian Nationalist political views unfortunately won’t be too popular among my age group. That’s why I have to take care of navigating such topics, which is difficult. When you’re as invested in these issues as I am. But writing for ‘The National Housing Party, website’. Enables me to freely voice my opinions without fear of being persecuted by the cancel culture mob. And you can too!

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