British society and culture are perhaps best defined by our ancient and historical close identification with Christendom. As is the case throughout the Western world. Christianity is what established civilization as we know it today. Our fundamental values and unique

Indigenous cultures are determined by Christian doctrine. But without these values, Britain and the West would be utterly unrecognizable and dysfunctional.

So, it can be safely determined that if one wanted to bring down our civilization. Then removing all traces of Christendom would be the ideal place to start. That would explain the recent societal degradation seen in Britain and the West. Has gone hand-in-hand with the decline of the indigenous Christian population through the mass importation of

foreign religions and the growth of leftist secularism.

Everything that Christian doctrine stands for is everything that our enemies stand against, and vice versa. Christian doctrine supports natural marriage and the family unit, the

fundamental bedrock of any successful civilization. Meanwhile, the Globalist Marxists wish to destroy the family by promoting sexual immorality and discouraging traditional gender roles.

The liberal elite have now established a welfare state to fill the void Christianity is leaving behind, and imported millions of foreigners to replace the shrinking indigenous population. This has produced greater debt and more single-parent families, thus producing greater

demand for houses (with 1.2 million on housing waiting lists).

But even what remains of Christianity in our society is under threat, with Catholicism and Protestantism each becoming increasingly liberalized (or “modernized” as they like to say). And even many of the self-proclaimed “conservative” and “traditionalist” Christians advocate so-called “Judeo-Christianity”, which isn’t much better.

To wrap this all up simply, Christianity helped bring the West up, and the decline of Christianity has brought the West down. So surely the equally simple solution to all this is: we need more Christianity. I may be a Latter-day Saint (aka Mormon), but despite our differences, I think all Christians should be happy to see any sect flourish. We need to

unite, and not allow ourselves to be replaced by Islam, Judaism, and atheism.

For further depth of analysis, I would strongly recommend reading “The Death of the West” by the legendary nationalist heavyweight Patrick J. Buchanan (a political idol of mine).

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