Over the last couple of weeks, a mob of young fighting-age Muslim and Hindu men. Have engaged in violent street battles in the multicultural city of Leicester. And just days later, two Iranian factions started brawling outside the Iranian embassy in London. It’s almost as if it wasn’t such a good idea to import millions of culturally incompatible ‘migrants’. And then attempt to encourage a plethora of foreign cultures to coexist. All while actively denigrating and suppressing our own culture and identity! Who could have possibly seen this coming? Patriotic Nationalists did, that’s who. And we’ve been warning about this very thing for
decades now!

The LibLabCon politicians,

However, are still living in their own fantasy land. MP Claudia Webbe still sits in the House of Commons in spite of a criminal conviction. Claudia had the audacity to react to the chaos in Leicester by tweeting: “Leicester. Is a shining example of how people from different cultures can live together side by side. Our diversity is what makes Leicester special. We are a city where minorities make up the majority. And we are richer for this vibrant exchange of cultures”. These globalist elites are completely out of touch with the British people!

This sort of violence has been going on for years and has been ruthlessly, Kept out of the mainstream media. And ignored by the globalist political elite. With the BBC taking great care to avoid a single mention of the ethnicity of these rioters. But having it occur out in the open like this so that it can no longer be ignored. Might actually end up being a good thing. As we’re seeing in Sweden and Italy, eventually these melting pots reach a boiling point. Where the indigenous population can’t take it anymore. And vote for nationalist political parties like the Swedish Democrats and Brothers of Italy.

These political breakthroughs can occur here in the UK too. But we can’t accomplish any of them without your support. Join the National Housing Party today!

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