On the Kurdish journalist’s account, he has uploaded numerous posts celebrating Channel crossings and actively helps Kurdish illegal immigrants in Northern France.

In one Facebook post, he’s seen celebrating the fact that a group of illegal immigrants managed to cross. My suspicions lead me to believe this man is involved in far more than journalism.

In the leaflet handed out, it advises illegal immigrants on the safest way to cross the Channel. It also provides emergency contact numbers for the Coastguard who will then put out a call on the radio for the Channel taxi service known as the Border Force and RNLI to pick them up.

It also has a QR code which can be used to check the weather to see if it’s safe to cross, as well as information on asylum applications, how to restart an engine, and even how to prepare for the journey.

This year over 41,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat (that we know about) and the current end-of-year prediction is sitting at around 50,000.

Recently, the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman signed a deal with France to encourage the French to increase patrols in Northern France and to do more to stop the Channel crossings, although it will not do much to stop the influx, especially when the Home Office refuse to address the NGO problem.

We need to leave the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and completely stop accepting refugees in order to solve this crisis.