Dear Katie,

Further to our conversation earlier today, National Housing Party UK (NHPUK) wish to make a formal complaint about the founder and main shareholder of Britannia Hotels, Alex Langsam, regarding the following issue:

In the UK, there are approximately one million citizens who are homeless and waiting for housing. In addition, our government is trillions of pounds in debt and is continuing to borrow money from the banks in order to pay Mr. Langsam of Britannia Hotels, to accommodate these asylum seekers.

Our government is accepting asylum seekers as a result of the UK being tied to the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention. NHPUK campaign to stop accepting refugees for citizenship and housing, by leaving the above convention.

The native British people are becoming a minority in their own country as shown by the recently released Office of National Statistics data.

Mr. Langsam, the main owner of Britannia Hotels, is instrumental in ensuring the further demise of the UK by implementing the above-mentioned actions all of which are based on pure monetary greed. These very actions are a disgrace to the UK and its citizens and in the process, have even earned Mr. Langsam the nickname the ‘Asylum King’.

Yours sincerely

John Lawrence

National Housing Party United Kingdom, Leader.