Kakhovka dam breached badly and Ukraine attacked and lost over 1500 men and 28 tanks including 8 Leopard Tanks that could be Leopard 2 Tanks and also including 3 French AMX 10 RC wheeled Tanks and 105 armoured vehicles. Slight gains but all gains were eventually abandoned by the Ukrainians. Revised armoured vehicles is 109 lost. These are all Russian claims as the Ukrainians are refusing to confirm that the offensive has started, but it’s also been claimed by many other Russian bloggers, which are all consistent with official Russian claims.

It’s impossible to confirm who took out the Kakhovka dam, but it’s like Nordstream pipeline again, the Western MSM has already condemned the Russians for blowing it up without any proof, or without any independent proof. On balance it’s looking like the Ukrainians have taken it out, as the eastern side of the Dniper where the Russians are located, suffered most and it could be an attack on Crimean fresh water, but the Crimeans have the North Crimean Canal which can supply fresh water.

The Ukrainians have been Bombing in and around the Kakhovka dam over a long period, which could have damaged it. The Ukrainians haven’t serviced this Dam, built in the 50’s, for decades due to lack of money, but it’s looking like it was directly taken out and not by wear and tear and lack of servicing and indirect bombing over time that has weakened it with high water levels presently, plus the Soviets built 5 dams over the Dniper in the 50’s and they are all over strengthened dams consistent with Soviet construction of the time.

The heavy losses the Ukrainians are suffering according to Russian claims, are credible as the Ukrainians have lost air support from jets and helicopters and it’s all looking unsustainable from the Ukrainian point of view. Attacking with no air support is a suicidal mission and is showing the world this all has to end sooner rather than later. I haven’t heard where Zelensky is and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he is not even in the Ukraine.