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Today’s party talk is an analysis of the song “Rich Men North Of Richmond” written and performed by Oliver Anthony, and why dark forces are trying to get him cancelled.

  • The song of the generation that shook the world because it touches hearts.
  • Oliver Anthony was offered an $8 million record deal but refused.
  • The song resonates with how citizens around the world have been treated by corrupt governments in charge.
  • Paul Rimmer recommends everyone get a guitar and microphone and create a song from the heart.
  • The song is a rebel demonstrating how humanity has been used and abused.
  • 99% of the Confederacy didn’t own slaves and were fighting for their freedom and state rights.
  • The reality is we are being oppressed
  • Psalm 35: is about rich men and their glory, the wicked will not prosper.
  • Who can we turn to from this easily described plague?
  • The people at the top and the people at the bottom are conspiring against the working class.
  • “Five foot three” refers to the “Welfare queens”, who live entirely off government handouts, which is a long debatable topic.
  • The song is raw emotion, talking about people hitting the bottle, people dying and the poor being downtrodden.
  • The “Rich men of Richmond are abusing us”, refers to DC and the corrupt politicians.
  • Using the word “Bullsh!t”, was it acceptable? Paul Rimmer states it was a rough edge, authentic and real, sung from the heart. Pat’s response was, the word is so common in society, maybe that’s why he chose to use it, but Pat’s pastor wasn’t too happy with its use.
  • is Oliver crying out with despair? is the song a plea to God? some important questions which only Clive can answer.
  • The “Little Hats” are greedy abusers, which heinous evidence is apparent, but because they are rich, it seems to be no justice for the fallen and broken.
  • Who was behind 911? Released documents by the FBI contradict everything we were told and that was reported by mainstream media.
  • Certain aspects of the song include 911, which is one of the reasons dark forces are trying to get Clive cancelled.
  • Leafleting campaign for Pat Mcginnis is going well. Many in the area have said they will vote for NHPUK. With immigration and cancel culture being the hot topic.
  • John Lawrence updates his experience at the PTSD camp.
  • Oliver’s song points out that the government wants total control. They want to know what you are thinking. what we are doing, and where we are travelling at all times.
  • The song has become viral and will be everlasting.
  • We are fighting back by creating parties like the National Housing Party, which gives the forgotten and suppressed a clear voice.
  • with regards to the word of the song, people are overjoyed by hearing the truth and not being manipulated. giving hope to the silenced, direction for the lost and light to the blinded.
  • Another Christian church has been reported for demolition due to another fire and vandalism.

There is a massive Christian revival happening in America, which is the foundation of the National Housing Party. We have a big fight on our hands both spiritually and financially. We are only a small party at the moment and need financial support, so if you enjoyed the video please consider making a small donation, or even join the party. we need people from all aspects of life and every skill is valued.

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