…and not how you might think.

The continent of Africa is the jewel of the planet. The scale, the biodiversity, and the wealth of natural resources, makes Africa the most valuable landmass on our planet.

It is also home to 54 countries and over 3,000 ethnicities.

It is fair to say that the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world has been an exploitative one. It is unfair to say that Africa did not also benefit at all from that relationship – in terms of technology and infrastructure – however, no one can argue that this relationship only existed because of its abundance of natural resources.

As foreign nations left Africa, foreign businesses moved in. They too wanted access to those same natural resources, except – as corporate entities – they felt no obligation towards the African people. They had the money to bribe local administrations, and also the money to lobby foreign powers to “get involved” if any local administration would not acquiesce to the demands of Big Business.

Since the second world war, the corporate “big bully” – with regards to interference in independent, sovereign nations – has been the USA. Countries were essentially ordered to get inline, or – mysteriously – a coup of some description would occur, usually resulting in a more complicit head of state, and – like a good shampoo – rinse and repeat if necessary.

This has been the status quo for the last 70 years. Whatever the USA says, goes. With their lappy-dog allies of Western Europe and the wider anglosphere nations falling in lockstep.

However, after two years of a pandemic, immediately followed by an ongoing conflict in eastern Europe – a conflict in no small part due to interference once again by the USA – the USA’s hegemony over global affairs, especially financial affairs, is now being greatly undermined.

Sanctions put in place by the USA (and their Western lappy-dog partners) – in order to put pressure on Russia by harming its economy and people – had the complete opposite effect. Russia’s global trade has barely been affected by these sanctions, and the rouble’s strength has increased to the point where Russia could legitimately make it a gold standard.

Meanwhile, the dollar is in freefall. The USA and its partners are experiencing a perfect storm of high inflation, rising interest rates, and – in some EU countries – energy bills that are now seven times higher than what they were back in February of 2022.

The West – particularly the USA – like to scapegoat the conflict in eastern Europe as being the reason for this financial depression, but the reality is that the USA is now the “bully” that no one dreads anymore. It is the toothless tiger, or – more appropriately – the clawless eagle, that even small countries no longer fear, because alliances can now be made elsewhere. Alliances that are far more lucrative, less constrained, and with far fewer conditions.

The USA has also gone full “woke”, especially when it comes to its DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) agendas, and while its Western lappy-dog allies follow suit, there is no great appetite to adopt these dysgenic principles in most of the countries outside of the West. Eastern Europe, the Middle East, most of Asia, and Africa, are definitely not all on-board with the pink parade and transhumanist ideologies.

The USA and – by virtue of association – the West in general, are also purposely destroying their nations by going all-in – without compromise – with the Net Zero agenda. Unfortunately, becoming “Net Zero” requires a lot of natural resources, specifically natural resources comprising those minerals required for the production of rechargeable battery cells. Minerals, many of which are currently only being mined or are only readily available in Africa.

Last week saw the French Prime Minister – Emmanuel Macron – put firmly in his place by Felix Tshisekedi, the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo1.

Macron was in a state of shock (having been slapped down by Tshisekedi), and when he tried to condescendingly explain to the African premier – was systematically slapped down for a second time. The apoplexy on Macron’s face was clear, and it was one to take a great deal of pleasure from.

Similarly, a Ghanaian representative then tore strips off the USA’s seemingly selective, hypocritical agenda, when it came to demanding that African nations adopt their LGBTQ+ policies, while oil rich Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar get a free pass on such issues.2

In the past, poorer countries such as Ghana would have been bullied into compliance by the USA, however – with a newfound sense of resilience away from the crumbling dollar – these nations are now pushing back against the clawless eagle and are standing firm on THEIR moral ideologies and principles. This is how it should be for any nation state.

And – on a related note – speaking of Saudi Arabia; the Kingdom recently snubbed their close strategic ally and partner – the USA – by signing a peace deal with Iran. A peace deal that was brokered by China. Representatives of The Kingdom then went on to say that they’re also considering using the Chinese Yuan (the Petroyuan) for future oil trades.

As the only thing backing the US dollar these days is depleted uranium, if the Saudi’s do this, then that’s likely to be the final coffin nail for the petrodollar. Good!

So how can Africa, and its new market allies (in the shape of China, Russia, Brazil, and India), save the West?

Well, the answer is simple: if the USA and its lappy-dogs in the West don’t abandon the woke nonsense, then it is likely that they will also be squeezed out of access to the minerals required to make their other disastrous plan – Net Zero – a reality too.

In the past, the USA would have bullied these smaller nations into capitulation. Unfortunately – for the USA – these are now nothing more than empty threats, whereby smaller countries now have equally big alternative trading partners, and therefore no longer fear the empty threats of Western nations, including the USA.

Given the choice of trade relationships where the sole focus is on the commodities being traded, as opposed to ones that are also tied to domestic policy reforms which go against conservative values, then – as far as the African nations are concerned – it’s a no brainer.

The choice is simple for the West: abandon woke policies, and DEI agendas, or fail. I would say that 90%+ of ordinary people in the West couldn’t care less about woke and DEI agendas. They’re forced into going along with the madness through fear of ostracization from the workplace – and therefore the ability to earn an income – by the very system that African nations are pushing against.

The West is very keen to rant on about oppression (in the meaningless sense), and yet forcing woke ideologies, DEI agendas, and Net Zero policies, onto a populace where 90% of the people do not agree with those policies, is the very definition of oppression.

The question is: who is going to blink first?

1 Macron: https://youtu.be/U9xYoIb1Njg

2 Ghana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJJQmNUazaI&t=459s