It has long puzzled me why the SNP and Sinn Fein, supposed nationalist parties. Were desperate to throw off the British yoke, only to immediately put their neck under that of the EU. Even more perplexing is the fact that these supposed patriots are. At the same time, prepared to consign their indigenous populations to extinction through mass immigration.

These NINOs (nationalists in name only) are cynically exploiting those of a patriotic bent. As they would deliver their supporters to the EU globalist agenda in a heartbeat.

Sinn Fein are Marxist Communists

But embrace the capitalist EU. Even though doing so ensures the destruction of the Irish identity of their own country. Meanwhile, the SNP claim that continued mass immigration is essential to the economic survival of Scotland. Neither of these fake patriotic parties talks of empowering their own ‘economically inactive’ populations to fill the much talked up ‘skills shortage’. Preferring to keep them in serfdom while importing immigrants to do what are essentially, low-skilled jobs.

Both nations supposedly want to throw off the shackles of British imperialism. But what is the point in getting out of the UK if you’re just going to hand over your new-found sovereignty to Brussels instead?

SNP and Sinn Fein support continued membership of the EU and therefore open borders.

This uncontrolled immigration will have a disproportionate effect on their relatively small populations. Ireland with 6 million and Scotland with 5 million. Therefore, they are not nationalists at all, in that their policies would lead to the swift demise of the indigenous peoples they supposedly champion.

We can witness this same population replacement well advanced in Scandinavian countries like Denmark. with its population of just 5 million, which recently closed its border with neighbouring Sweden citing terrorist/criminal concerns, thus in effect making a mockery of the EU Schengen agreement of ‘open borders’, one of the main pillars of the EU project. Both Denmark and Sweden are set to have the majority of non-native populations in the not-too-distant future.

The primary responsibility of any government is the safety and security of its own citizens. And an open borders policy is not conducive to this as we have been witnessing all across Europe.

The following is taken from a piece in the Irish Times quoting a speech given in 2005. Which was well before the mass immigration juggernaut really got underway:

‘Ireland’s native population could be in a minority by the middle of this century, the president of Dublin City University (DCU) will claim today. But large-scale immigration is still essential if we are to remain prosperous, Prof Ferdinand von Prondzynski will say.

Unpublished UK-based research, which he does not identify, has indicated that by 2050, Ireland’s population will consist of a multicultural and multiethnic mix in which the indigenous Irish will form a minority.’

However, the piece goes on to say that Von Prondzynski also argued against any attempts by the Irish to limit immigration. Would seriously damage the economy and see Ireland return to the economic periphery of Europe.

It seems that Prof. Prondzynski is almost celebrating the fact that the native Irish population is set for extinction!

In essence, the same people would give an economic argument for the demise of European indigenous populations. Would probably decry the decimation of the indigenous people of say, the Amazonian rainforests to the globalist economic agenda.

There is the perfidious claim that is always made by those who think only in terms of the economy. They de-humanise citizens by seeing them simply as ‘economic units’, therefore nailing their colours firmly to the globalist ‘mast’. Love for one’s country, tradition and culture are demonised in the name of big business.

Encouragingly, real patriotic parties are gaining ground across Europe, but the establishment is determined to drive a wedge between those people who long for an alternative to our corrupt two-party merry-go-round, and a real alternative such as the British National Party (BNP), who were proved right on so many issues. Unfortunately, the BNP no longer exists.

22nd April 2020 Update:

In the car listening to a BBC R4 programme about Ireland’s housing crisis. The presenter was waxing lyrical about the highly skilled immigrants, couldn’t even bring himself to say indigenous Irish, preferring to refer to them as those born in Ireland. He trotted out one after another immigrant interviewee, African, Portuguese without once observing that perhaps the level of immigration was creating the housing crisis. The presenter referred to the number of homeless people and interviewed a volunteer at a Simon Community shelter. He then had the gall to talk about the plight of asylum seekers, where a family of three may have to live in one room – didn’t seem to notice the irony of the homeless indigenous Irish when compared with the housed asylum seekers. Typical BBC – so glad I don’t fund.

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